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FRAME program focus is on prefab timber and engineered wood

kevin ezard

The FRAME Australia 2016 Conference and Exhibition, now in its 18th year, will be held on 23 May at Park Hyatt Melbourne with the theme “Building construction with prefabricated timber and engineered wood”. Source: Timberbiz

“The 2016 event will be the largest ever held with more than 400 delegates expected from the combining of topics from both the successful Frame 2014 and 2015 conferences,” said Kevin Ezard, Director, Frame Australia Conference and Exhibition.

Mr Ezard said the expanded program would have parallel sessions in the one-day format to cover the range of emerging developments in building design and prefabricated timber and wood construction across Australia.

“Inner-urban population density growth and spiraling demand for medium-rise dwellings has opened new opportunities for prefabricated timber in both multi-residential and commercial building construction,” he said.

“Anticipated changes next year to the National Construction Code deemed to satisfy provisions allowing timber buildings up to 8 levels will greatly increase potential for designers and builders to utilise timber, and generate a further increase in demand for prefabricated systems.

“Frame 2016 will bring together the complete supply chain of timber and prefabrication with building design and construction to develop communication and relationships for future business opportunities, and I will keep you informed with updates in the months ahead.”

The draft program is:

  • Building construction with prefabricated timber and engineered wood
  • Opportunities for wood products in building construction (All delegates)
  • Creative architectural design and engineering innovation in wood construction
  • The ‘drivers’ for increased timber and wood in residential and commercial buildings
  • Global and local growth projections for supply of timber and engineered wood products
  • Discussion forum with speakers and panel members
  • Building design and engineering developments (Parallel session)
  • How high can we go? Will you be ready for the NCC height changes in May 2016?
  • Structural engineering solutions and current design projects using timber and CLT
  • The process of design, supply and construction for prefab timber building systems
  • Discussion forum with speakers and panel members
  • Manufacturing technologies and plant automation (Parallel session)
  • New concepts and technologies emerging in truss and frame manufacturing plants
  • Estimating and detailing both locally and overseas – what are the pros and cons?
  • Plant productivity improvements from automation – will robotics be the next step forward?
  • Discussion forum with speakers and panel members
  • Timber buildings for faster construction and lower cost (Parallel session)
  • Design and build options to lower building costs in multi-residential timber construction
  • National review of recent timber building projects and benefits achieved by developers
  • Customer and regulator attitudes to timber in residential and commercial construction
  • Discussion forum with speakers and panel members
  • Prefabricated panel systems production and supply (Parallel session)
  • Developments in production and delivery of Prefab and Modular construction systems
  • Will BIM/CAD/CAM be the future for integration of design, prefabrication and supply?
  • Growth in supply of pre-assembled wall panel & floor cassette systems for housing
  • Discussion forum with speakers and panel members
  • Afternoon break
  • The future for timber and wood building system solutions (All delegates)
  • What would encourage greater use of timber and wood in building design and construction?
  • What are the likely future dynamics of building market demand and timber supply capabilities?
  • Will collaboration by the supply chain simplify the process and achieve ‘systems based’ delivery?
  • Discussion forum with speakers and panel members