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Forestry Tasmania sends residues to China

The Tasmanian Government has confirmed that Forestry Tasmania (FT), in partnership with the private sector, is sending a small quantity of export peeler quality blackwood logs to China. Source: Timberbiz

This is part of a trial to prove the feasibility of manufacturing high quality engineered wood products from logs that are not suitable for local processors

The Minister for Resources and Energy Bryan Green said the trial was part of Forestry Tasmania’s heavily publicized Innovations Plan that seeks to convert forest residues into high value manufactured wood products.

Mr Green said the initial trials were encouraging.

“FT has exported small diameter logs including some blackwood, that were unsuitable for local sawmillers and processors.

“This is the type of innovative thinking that will be required as the forest industry transitions to a smaller resource base. If the trials prove successful, the finished product will be marketed by private companies, which are working in partnership with FT.

“Ultimately, the aim would be to establish the manufacturing facilities here in Tasmania,” said Green.

Mr Green said initial testing suggests there would be strong market demand in Australia.

“It has an attractive finish and it ticks all the environmental boxes. It is a sustainable resource using wood that would otherwise go to waste or to woodchips. This is potentially an industry worth tens of millions of dollars to Tasmania.”

Forestry Tasmania has increased its export of whole logs in response to the closure of the Triabunna woodchip mill.

Some of the whole logs are for pulpwood in China, others are to trial the new products and the remainder is being peeled.

Logs are currently being stockpiled in readiness for a shipment out of Hobart later this month and for further shipments out of Burn