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Forestry machines of the future

Future forest machines, automation, robotics and a myriad of other possibilities will be the subject of a one-off conference in Canada next year.

FPInnovations will host the first Forest Machine Technology Conference (FMTC), to be held at the Hyatt Regency Montreal Hotel from 21-23 April 2015 in collaboration with Unmanned Systems Canada, FPAC, Laval University, L’École de Technologie Supérieure, Skogforsk and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

The groundbreaking conference will focus on advanced technologies for forest machines of the future.

As Canada’s forestry industry faces a growing shortage of skilled machine operators, FPInnovations, Canada’s R&D Institute for the sector, is leading the search for solutions.

The integration of advanced technologies such as robotics and automation is likely one of the step-changing solutions to the labor shortage crisis.

The FMTC will feature prominent international keynote speakers, invited technical presentations, technology forum presentations, supplier kiosks, ideation working groups and a host of networking opportunities.

The FMTC will be a unique opportunity to help shape a vision for the future and will bring together a broad range of interested stakeholders from within and outside the forestry sector to:

* define the needs, gaps and challenges around advanced technologies in forest operations

* identify possible game-changers, as well as potential partners and suppliers

* showcase technological opportunities from other fields, and

* create networking opportunities to help foster new partnerships and R&D.