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Flooring imports up and down

US hardwood flooring imports increased in August 2014, while imports of assembled flooring panels declined from the previous month. Source: Lesprom

Year-on-year, imports of hardwood flooring increased by 13% to US$3.6 million in August.

Indonesia was the largest source of imports at US$716,846 while August imports from Malaysia declined by 5% to US$532,166 compared with last year.

China’s shipments of hardwood flooring were worth US$596,265 in August, down 18% from July. However, year-to-date imports from China were 33% higher than in August 2013.

Total assembled flooring imports declined by 10% in August to US$11.2 million, but year-to-date imports were higher than last year.

China remains the leading source of imports, but imports from that country fell in August and year-to-date imports were 12% lower than in August 2013.

Assembled flooring imports from Indonesia declined in August, but were almost 50% higher year-to-date. Canadian shipments were up in August, while imports from Brazil declined.