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Developing and commercialising lignin batteries

Stora Enso has partnered with Altris, a Swedish developer of sodium-ion batteries. The two companies aim to further advance the development and commercialisation of a sustainable battery value chain in Europe. Source: Timberbiz

Together, the two companies will drive the adaptation of Stora Enso’s hard carbon solution Lignode as an anode material in Altris’ sodium-ion battery cells.

Lignode by Stora Enso is a sustainable hard carbon derived from lignin, a product from the manufacturing of pulp, to be used as an anode material in both lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries.

It serves as a more sustainable alternative to current incumbent anode solutions. In addition to its sustainability benefits, lignin makes up 20-30% of a tree, which makes it abundantly available already today.

Lignin being a product from pulp manufacturing ensures a stable and consistent raw material supply for anode material manufacturing. Lignode is developed in Stora Enso’s pilot plant in Kotka, Finland. Stora Enso is currently upgrading the plant from a technical point of view.

Today, the significant majority of battery materials are sourced from outside Europe. The partnership between Stora Enso and Altris aims to support the establishment of a European battery value chain, fostering the continent’s sustainable electrification. Stora Enso’s European-based operations offer a localised solution that minimises environmental impact and promotes energy independence.

“Bio-based materials are key to improving the sustainability of battery cells. With Lignode® having the potential to become the most sustainable anode material in the world, this partnership with Altris aligns perfectly with our common commitment to support the ambition on more sustainable electrification,” said Juuso Konttinen, Senior Vice President & Head of Biomaterials Growth at Stora Enso.