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Council finds better use for trees than mulch

Coff Harbour City Council has found a more sustainable and profitable way to re-use the trees on public land. Previously council turned these trees, including hardwoods, into mulch for playgrounds, parks, roundabouts and reserves. Now the timber is being milled and put to better use. Source: The Coffs Coast Advocate

Suitable timber is being milled which means Council is managing to turn timber into cash. The sawn timber created from milling can then be used for picnic shelters, boardwalks and other projects thereby saving money and possibly creating an income that can go back into the ratepayers’ purse.

So far around $17,000 worth of timber for Council projects has been produced.

Timber not suitable for Council use, such as Camphor Laurel, Rose Gum and Silky Oak, is being donated to local high schools for their woodwork projects.

A total timber supply of 13.5 cubic meters has been milled in this first stage of the scheme.

“Coffs Harbour began its life as a trading port for cedar, which was so lucrative it was known as ‘red gold’, so it’s quite fitting that we’re now turning what was going to be mulch into a cash saving,” said Clyde Treadwell the council’s manager for land use planning.

“What’s great about it is it ticks so many boxes – it saves ratepayers’ money, it reuses a valuable resource and it will benefit the community through the high schools directly. “It’s a win, win, win situation.”