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Bombala Timber Precinct gets $9 million

Regional Development Australia has announced $4.7 million of funding for the Bombala Timber Precinct Infrastructure Project following a successful application by Bombala Council in New South Wales. Source: Bombala Times

Together with Tasco’s contribution the total project funding will amount to more than $9 million according to Tasco Managing Director Bart Crawley.

Regional Development Australia said the project is forecast to generate $200 million in business investment over four years, 100 short-term construction jobs and 140 new full-time jobs in the longer term.

The Bombala Timber Precinct Infrastructure Project will develop a world-class timber precinct, encompassing a sawmill, timber manufacturing, particleboard production and co-location of associated businesses.

The project will create an integrated timber industry, with a strong value added component, which will support local communities.

The facility will support training for timber workers. A key project benefit identified by Regional Development Australia is the creation of an integrated value added sector.

Members of the local and regional supply chain are anticipated to invest over $100 million per annum.

Regional Development Australia said the project is expected to provide greater security and sustainability to supporting industries in the region by opening up long-term business investment opportunities.

The Bombala Facility for Industry and Training, in partnership with schools and TAFE, will design and provide courses for the timber industry to train for management and highly skilled trade jobs.

“Bombala Council is one of the organisations in regional Australia joining the dots and creating jobs across various businesses that will be attracted to the region,” Regional Australia Minister, Simon Crean said.