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Big timber slabs up for sale

Larger than usual, exquisite rich, dark jarrah slabs and ideal weather conditions are set to make the next Forest Products Commission (FPC) timber products auction a must for all wood enthusiasts.

FPC auction coordinator Steve Davis is delighted with the range of products he has prepared for auction at Harvey on 24 May, 2008, but is particularly pleased with the jarrah and blackbutt on offer.

“The high grade feature jarrah is spectacular – good edges and rich in colour – and would make a fantastic dining or board room table,” Mr Davis said. “We will have about four of these substantial 1.4 metre wide by 4.5 to 5 metre length slabs ready for auction. Other feature grade jarrah would make ideal outdoor tables.

“Other slabs on offer include: flawless blackbutt slabs, which are not as wide and would be perfect for bench or bar tops, or will butterfly together perfectly for a table top; and featured marri slabs up to 1.2 metres long and 6 metres wide. ”

More than 500 tonnes of assorted native speciality logs, including large individual logs of jarrah (logs and burls), karri, marri, wandoo and more than 200 tonnes of blackbutt are expected to go under the hammer.

Sawn timber will include slabs and boards of marri burl, karri and jarrah.

All the timber is green and will need drying and Steve Davis and Gino Forgiarini are on hand to give advice on the best way to do this.

“For these large thick slabs it will take about two years to dry,” Mr Davis said. “Winter is the best time to start because of the moisture in the air and ideally they should be placed on a concrete flat area, under cover and raised off the ground to let the air circulate around each slab with a weight on top to keep it straight.

“It will then be ready to fashion into tomorrow’s heirloom,” he said.

Forest products available in the auction can be inspected at 64 Weir Road, Harvey, by appointment during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, or on the day of the auction between 8.00am and 9.30am. Please contact Steve Davis on 0427 380 632 to arrange an inspection prior to the auction.