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B-Doubles haul downed timber in Byfield

As many as 30 B-Double haulage trucks will be carting timber throughout Byfield for the next 18 months, starting this month. Source: Big Rigs

Livingstone Shire Council advised there will be an increased frequency of heavy haulage vehicles carting timber from the Byfield forest plantations to the Port of Gladstone.

A council spokesperson said this was necessary to enable timber salvage from the plantations destroyed by Cyclone Marcia before it deteriorates and is no longer able to be harvested.

“HQPlantations is conducting the salvage operation, and has been working closely with council, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and the Queensland Police Service to ensure a safe and efficient road transport operation,” the spokesperson said.

“Up to 30 B-Doubles will be engaged in hauling the timber, utilising both council and TMR roads.”

The primary routes being used include Waterpark Ck Rd, Red Rd, Sandy Ck Rd (council roads), Mt Stevens Rd, Stoney Ck Rd (council roads), Byfield Rd, Western Bypass Rd and Rockhampton- Yeppoon Rd (TMR roads).

For improved safety, the Corbetts Landing Rd turn-off is being relocated approximately 700 metres north along Byfield Rd, to ensure better visibility for turning vehicles.

Council roads being used have been widened and the gravel surface has been improved to handle the additional traffic and additional warning signage is being erected.

Motorists are advised to remain vigilant in the Byfield area during the salvage period, in particular on the main haulage routes through the Livingstone Shire.