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Australia’s premier bioenergy conference to be held next month

Australia’s premier bioenergy conference, Bioenergy Australia 2008, will be held at the Sebel Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria on 8-9 December, with a technical tour on 10 December.

The program will cover policies and programs, projects and project development case studies and emerging opportunities.

The conference will consider many facets of bioenergy, including some 60 presentations on:

Biomass sources and supply aspects
First and second generation liquid biofuels
Algae and other future feedstocks
Pyrolysis bio-oil and bio-char
Anaerobic digestion and livestock wastes
Heat and power
Overarching aspects of bioenergy, such as life cycle emissions and sustainability.
A moderated panel discussion will address the issue “Realising Sustainable Bioenergy Opportunities for Australia”.

Professor Philip Peck, from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University, Sweden, a member of the European Bioenergy Network of Excellence will provide the keynote address. The conference dinner speaker will be Tricia Caswell.

Last year this conference was attended by over 240 delegates and we expect a similar good attendance this year. The program includes a trade exhibition and technical Posters.

The Program and Registration Form are available at: or contact Jim Simpson, tel: (02) 9431 8641, email: [email protected].