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Australian forestry professionals making their mark globally

Did you know that the results of the work of Australian foresters in Nepal can be seen on satellite due to the extent of the community forests established over the past four decades? Did you know Hillary Clinton described this project as “impressive” and “a standout”?

Did you know that Australian forestry professionals are still making their mark globally, leading projects to support forest conservation, economic growth and community development in developing nations?

The Institute of Foresters of Australia invites you to find out more about what Australian forestry people, species and technologies have delivered and can deliver in research, plantation development, forest conservation and economic and community development at a one-day conference at Canberra’s
Shine Dome.

This one-day event will present and celebrate the work of Australian foresters in countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Government decision-makers, policy advisors and researchers, particularly from countries in the Asia-Pacific region with developing forestry industries, forest conservation issues and community development interests should all find this event a valuable opportunity to learn about the work of Australian foresters over past decades in many Asia-Pacific region countries.


When: Monday 24 November 2014, 9.30 to 5.00pm

Where: Shine Dome, Australian Academy of Science, Gordon St, Acton, Australian Capital Territory

A range of registration options are available for IFA members, non-members and students.

Register online now at