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American Forest Foundation pledges 84 million trees

The American Forest Foundation (AFF), a national conservation organization that focuses on empowering family and private forest owners to protect and improve their forests, joined 26 other conservation leaders in committing to the US chapter as part of the global trillion trees effort. Source: Timberbiz

AFF has pledged to conserve, improve and grow 84,000,000 trees, which will sequester an estimated 25,878,086 MT CO2e.

“America’s family forest owners, who own the largest chunk of America’s forests, are an important piece of achieving the Trillion Trees goal. Family forest owners can contribute by planting news trees and are also essential in maintaining our existing trees on the landscape.

“That’s why we at the American Forest Foundation are pleased to support US Chapter of, with a pledge to continue to expand our work with family landowners, partners, and funders,” said Tom Martin, President and CEO of the American Forest Foundation.

Families and individuals own 36%, or 290 million acres, of forests across the US and represent 1 in 4 rural Americans.

In a white paper Family-owned Forests: Unlocking the Carbon Potential in America s Backyard released last week, AFF provided analysis and insight on the case for working with family forests to sequester and store more carbon.

The AFF white paper revealed family forest owners’ values aligned with the needs of environment and climate. They cared about seeing their land remain as a forest into the future, and about improving the health of their forest. Yet, few were currently implementing practices that would increase the health and carbon sequestration ability of their trees.

This inaction is caused by difficulty in finding information and trusted resources, and most notably, the high cost of forest management and conservation.

In response, AFF’s white paper outlined how private side investment and carbon markets can open up revenue streams to family landowners, helping overcome cost barriers and incentivizing voluntary behaviour around carbon sequestration.

AFF’s tree pledge will focus mainly on empowering family forest owners to maintain and improve their existing forest stands, as management of forests is a critical component of a comprehensive climate strategy.

AFF will do this through its efforts from now through 2030 to work with conservation partners and corporations through its existing programs, such as the Family Forest Carbon Program and other innovative solutions.