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AFG national conference in Mount Gambier

The 2010 Australian Forest Growers (AFG) National Conference will be held in
Mount Gambier, the centre of the Green Triangle, the largest plantation region in Australia boasting nearly 20% of Australia’s plantation resource. Alongside the industrial plantation resource are farm foresters, processing facilities and innovative practices in forest management, value adding and forest innovation.
The conference (10-13 October) offers the opportunity to explore the management, marketing and opportunities available to forestry in the 21st century. Locating the event in Mount Gambier provides the ideal platform to exposé current practices, thinking and the chance to look to the future and its challenges.
The AFG biennial conference is Australia’s premier national conference for the private forestry industry and is a well established and supported conference. With AFG in its 41st year, up to 350 delegates are expected to attend this conference.
Meeting the high standards set by previous AFG conferences, Mount Gambier 2010 will be informative, challenging and entertaining, offering:
• Field trips to a wide range of forests and processors
• Presentations from highly experienced forest scientists, growers, business managers and policy makers
• Extensive social and networking opportunities
High quality presenters will highlight current practices, future possibilities and potential issues that require today’s attention. This will be a practical yet thought provoking conference that will challenge attendees to think to the future today. Sub-programs will run throughout examining:
• Management
• Marketing
• Opportunities
Field Trips will highlight the presentation sessions, taking delegates to a wide range of examples of forestry found in the Green Triangle region including:
• Farm Forestry – integrating trees on farms
• Softwood and Hardwood Management
• Innovative processing and marketing of timber and
• Companies potentially harnessing the environmental services from forests for global markets
Throughout the conference there will be many chances to network with other delegates and their partners at social events:
• Sunday 10 October – Registration & Ice Breaker Reception
• Monday 11 October – Conference sessions
• Tuesday 12 October – Conference field trips (off site) & Conference dinner
• Wednesday 13 October – Conference sessions