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AFCA urges – take a stand for the industry

Adan Taylor

The timber industry must stand behind those in Victoria under threat from native forestry closures because only by being united can a solution be found, according to Australian Forest Contractors Association chairman Adan Taylor. In his annual report to the AFCA annual dinner and AGM in Traralgon, Mr Taylor said that in the past in the past 12 months, AFCA had been assisting Victorian Native Forest Contractors to make its case for survival. Source: Timberbiz

He said the AFCA had answered the call of several contractors to assist them in joining forces to have their argument heard.

“Unfortunately, it appears this may be the all too common story of politicians caring more about ‘how things look’ to their minority interests than in showing true leadership to promote regional livelihoods after considering established facts,” Mr Taylor said.

“We will continue to stand with those in our industry who need our voice, members or not,” he said.

“Together we can find a solution, but only if we show the courage to speak up and start the conversation.”

Ms Gardner also expressed concerns surrounding the Victorian Native Forests members being threatened by government policy and uncertainty following AFCA making the case for their future and the industry.

“There is nothing more concerning than what the Victorian Native Forest members have experienced over the past year,” she said.

“These members have continued to face a period of considerable uncertainty around their future and the industry. For many, this is their livelihoods and generational family businesses at stake.”

The continued uncertainty from the government was having had had a significant impact on them financially and their capacity to make investments for items like equipment. Also, the uncertainty continues to stifle opportunities for innovation and safety improvements.

What has become increasingly worrisome for me is the impact of ongoing uncertainty on people’s mental health, not just the business owners but their employees as well.