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The ABC of building fences

Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, a supplier of timber fencing in the Brisbane area, has recently published a basic guide to building a timber fence. Source: Timberbiz

Mr Kyle stressed the importance of knowing local council regulations, especially for those who own swimming pools. He also provides recommended best practices from Timber Queensland, a timber industry trade group.

“Timber Queensland has been helping to define standards and practices for the timber industry in various forms since 1938,” said Mr Kyle. “They are a non-profit organisation that serves as the de facto voice of the timber industry in Queensland.

“They represent everyone in the timber industry, from retailers such as us to plantation growers, manufacturers and builders.

“They have done a great job of helping the timber industry police itself and adhere to the high standards that homeowners and other consumers deserve.”

Timber Queensland updated their recommended practices for timber fences in March 2014. Their data sheet has basic and detailed information on how to ensure that a timber fence is built in a way that it will perform well for a number of years.

Mr Kyle presented the basics on his company’s website, preferring to leave the more technical data for those who are building a fence.

“We put basic information on our blog as a public service, but always invite those who require deeper information to call us and talk to a customer service specialist,” he said.

Narangba Timbers supplies timber fencing, timber flooring and other timber products to the Brisbane area.