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Wellbeing survey for timber industry

The Centre for Research and Action in Public Health of the University of Canberra is studying how working in the forest, wood and paper products industries influences the health and wellbeing of the people employed in these industries. Source: Timberbiz

Considering worker wellbeing is important to ensure workers are healthy, and because industries that provide a better environment for their workers often find it easier to recruit and retain workers.

Little is known about how workers are affected by ongoing changes occurring in many parts of the forest, wood and paper products industries, or how their wellbeing compares with that of people working in other industries.

This study will identify the health and wellbeing of workers and any pressures or issues that affect their wellbeing.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry funded the study.

Anyone working for a business that depends on the forest, wood or paper products industries is invited to participate.

The survey is open to anyone employed in these businesses, ranging from forest managers, contractors to a business in the industry, harvest or haulage operators, and people working in a sawmill, pulpmill or paper mill, through to business managers, book keepers and administrative workers.

While the survey is open to workers anywhere in Australia those working in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia are also eligible to go into a prize draw to win a $1000 Flight Centre gift card or one of six other prizes.

The survey takes about 25 minutes to complete, and closes on 31 December 2012.

The results of the study will be published in 2013 and anyone who completes the survey will be sent a summary of results if they tick the box provided.

To complete the survey online, go to:

If you are unable to do the survey online call 1800 981 499 for a survey form in the mail or complete the survey over the phone.