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Waroona pines for more planting

Mia Davies

Mia Davies

One million seedlings have been planted in Waroona by the Forest Products Comission since the devastating Yarloop bushfires in January, with work increasing further into the year. Source: Mandurah Mail

Forestry Minister Mia Davies, who visited replanting operations in Mclarty Block this week, said the Federal Government had committed $6.7 million to replant 2200 hectares of damaged softwood.

About 2800 hectares of pine plantation were damaged by the bushfires.

“The commission is on track to replant 864ha of state-owned plantations this year at a cost of $2.3 million, with 1626ha to be planted next winter,” Ms Davies said.

“Replanting this valuable resource will support the sustainability of the softwood industry into the future.”

Salvage operations to recover saleable timber from the damaged plantations have been progressing since February.

Trees in the damaged plantations ranged from three to 40 years in age.

Ms Davies said about 1000 hectares have been cleared.

“Logs and timber salvaged from these plantations have been sold to existing domestic markets,” she said.

“The commission has also identified new export markets that have used young and below commercial-grade trees for power generation.”

Staff at the commission’s nursery in Manjimup have been preparing 3.5 million healthy pine seedlings for planting across the State.

Ms Davies said the State Government was committed to growing Western Australia’s softwood industry, which would boost and support regional development.

“The timber from these plantations will be processed locally to provide a reliable supply for the Western Australian building and construction industries.”