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Waratah adds mapping tech to TimberRite

Waratah Forestry Equipment announced the addition of a mapping technology option to its TimberRite H-16 control system. The all-new mapping feature provides customers with a new job site perspective to increase operational productivity and precision. Source: Timberbiz

“The new mapping technology option on the TimberRite H-16 benefits our customers’ bottom line,” said Brent Fisher, product marketing manager for Waratah.

“TimberRite H-16 is already the ultimate measuring and control system, but now with mapping capabilities, our customers have a new vantagepoint to see their jobsite work progress, eliminate operational guesswork and improve productivity and efficiency.”

One of the key benefits of the mapping technology option on the TimberRite H-16 system is how it enables visualization of production on the jobsite. In conjunction with H-16, the mapping links valuable production data and information to location – improving productivity and operational precision.

Operators benefit from the mapping technology option with improved jobsite planning for harvesting routes and increased awareness of jobsite progress. The mapping system tracks productivity and provides capabilities to mark boundaries and area as well as identify points of interest such as hazards, obstacles, soft ground and challenging terrain.

“What I like about the mapping solution is being able to identify hazards onsite,” said Jamie Cross, JSX Harvesting owner and S&R Logging operator.

“The automatic alarms are a great reminder, especially when working around powerlines and roads.”

TimberRite H-16 complements the new mapping technology option with its powerful Windows PC. Controlling the head for accurate measuring and precise log control, it also serves to display the mapping technology, records production information, tracks productivity and packages appropriate files in the latest format to ensure data interchanges virtually with any professional system in the forestry industry.

The touch-screen display or wireless keyboard and touch pad mouse assist the user in setting boundaries, area or points of interest – and make any necessary adjustments.

The mapping technology has compatibility with all map formats including shapefiles, pdfs, standard satellite or topographical imagery, and it’s capable on all carrier brands with a new or existing TimberRite H-16 system.