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VicForests seeks community consultation on changes to its TRP

Mr Nathan Trushell

Mr Nathan Trushell

VicForests is seeking comment from local community members on its proposed changes to the Timber Release Plan relating to timber harvesting operations in North East Victoria, West Gippsland and East Gippsland regions. Source: Timberbiz

The community consultation period begins on July 26 and runs through to August 19 2016. “The Timber Release Plan

outlines the areas VicForests is planning to harvest over a five year period and is updated annually,” VicForests General Manager Planning, Nathan Trushell said.

“The changes proposed in 2016 include the modification of boundaries on existing areas based on improved planning information, the sustainable addition of new harvesting areas, and the removal of unharvested or regrown areas.

“In conjunction with our public consultation process, We are consulting closely with the Forest Industry Taskforce about the next Timber Release Plan.

“Information regarding the proposed changes has now been made publically available following discussions with the Taskforce,” he said.

Community feedback is sought on specific operational aspects of our proposed new harvesting locations or boundary changes. This process is an opportunity to provide comment regarding:

  • The timing of harvesting operations
  • The use of particular haulage routes
  • The proximity of proposed harvesting to private property or public use areas
  • The identification and protection of other forest values within specific harvesting sites.

“We welcome the community to raise any specific concerns they may have about the proposed operations. Public submissions are closely considered by VicForests’ Planning staff before the plans are finalised,” Mr Trushell said.

“Public consultation is an important part of this process and offers the community the opportunity to have important input in our planning process.”

The finalised Timber Release Plans, along with all submissions received, are then submitted to the VicForests’ Board of Directors for consideration and approval.

These plans must be approved before harvesting commences and all operations are required to comply the detailed regulations which relate to native timber harvesting in Victoria.

“A key part of VicForests role is to also regrow the forest after harvesting is completed,” Mr Trushell said.

“Areas which have successfully regrown after previous harvesting operations will also be removed from the Timber Release Plan as part of this amendment.”

A schedule of all proposed changes and maps indicating approximate coupe locations are available on our website

Submissions can be sent to [email protected] or via our website feedback form at during the specified feedback period.