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Up Sheep Creek without help from KIPT

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers (KIPT) will provide essential water to the Pennington Bay golf course development on Kangaroo Island. Source: KIPT

Proponents of the Kangaroo Island Golf Links (KIGL) approached the timber company last year about using surplus water from the Sheep Creek Dam on KIPT’s MacGill property.

The dam is of similar area to the Middle River facility, which supplies the Island’s mains water.

In 2007, SA Water installed a pump and pipeline from Sheep Creek dam to Middle River to supplement the Island’s mains supply during dry years. That infrastructure is still in place.

“Water is an essential component for the success of the golf course. This agreement ensures the golf course will get the water it needs while improving water security for Island residents,” KIPT Managing Director John Sergeant said.

“This is a great example of how the various developers on the Island can work together to create better outcomes for everyone.”

The Memorandum of Understanding gives KIGL access to the water, and responsibility for any dam maintenance.

For its part, KIPT will withhold chemical application in the catchment vicinity, to help ensure that the water is similar in quality to that stored in the Middle River Dam.

Ultimately, SA Water will have to be satisfied that the arrangement meets its quantity and quality requirements. KIGL director Andrew Purchase is working with SA Water to finalise agreements on access and price.

“We appreciate the co-operation of KI Plantation Timbers. Water is so important for our development. Working with KIPT and SA Water to secure a reliable water source is a key to our success,” Mr Purchase said.