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Trelleborg Twins on Ponsse Elephant

WKN Skogsgallring owner Niklas Nannestad (left) and Lars Eriksson, Product Manager, Trelleborg Wheel Systems (right) Photo: Martin Olson

The latest addition to Swedish logging company WNK Skogsgallring’s collection of forest machinery is a brand new Ponsse Elephant forwarder, equipped with eight Twin Forestry T480 tyres. Source: Timberbiz

When fully loaded with timber, the vehicle weighs 45 tonnes. With such a heavy machine, it is essential to move around with caution; the effect of climate change bringing milder winters has increased the risk of ground damage, soil compaction and growth decline.

Wet soil and a 45-ton machine are a dangerous combination however, the Trelleborg Twin Forestry T480 incorporates the wide flat profile of the tyre creating a large contact area, resulting in low ground pressure and less impact on the forest floor.

“Our sales contact at Ponsse recommended the Trelleborg forestry tyres,” WNK Skogsgallring’s owner Niklas Nannestad said. “We are satisfied with Trelleborg tyres overall and about half of our machines are now equipped with them.”

He says the biggest advantage of the T480s is the perfect fit between tyres and tracks.

“The tyres have clearly been adapted to fit well with tracks, providing exceptional grip. This is an important feature because we drive large machines and always use tracks to increase bearing power and decrease impact on the ground. The tyres’ transverse grooves also mean less slippage, longer lasting and better fuel consumption.”

It takes Nannestad and his colleagues just two to three days to clear an area and produce 900 cubic meters of timber.