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Travelling exhibition of wooden delights

The JamFactory and the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide present WOOD: art design architecture, an exhibition exploring innovative and diverse uses of wood in contemporary Australian art, design and architecture. Source: Furnishing International

Co-curated by Brian Parkes and Elliat Rich, WOOD: art design architecture explores themes of place and intensity, sustainability and ecology, and craftsmanship and technology.

Throughout history, working with wood has been revered as the height of human ingenuity. It’s a material as old as time and despite the contemporary examples on show, the skills and craft of working with wood have remained essentially the same.

Wood is a difficult material to work with, it bows, expands and shrinks, it takes a skilful craftsman its characteristics and realise its full potentials and push towards new boundaries. This is the essence of this exhibition.

The 28 works selected for this exhibition include the architecture of ARM and John Wardle, furniture designs from Alexander Loterstzain, Jon Goulder and John Quan as well as craftmen including Khai Liew and Damian Wright with artistic pieces ranging from an installation made from paper and limewood to a desk lamp made from veneer.

The exhibition is accompanied by furniture designed by Stephen Goddard in conjunction with JamFactory’s Furniture Design Studio as well as 250-page catalogue with a number of essays on the different perspectives of wood in various contexts.

WOOD: art design architecture will travel around Australia until December 2014.