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Top 5: Market Points from IndustryEdge

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  1. 130,526 m3 – Australia’s imports of particleboard over the year-ended November 2018 were 16% higher than for the prior year
  2. 661.5 kbdmt – IndustryEdge’s estimate of woodchip exports in December 2018, based on detailed analysis of shipping movements
  3. 78.9% – Australia’s exports of softwood logs >15 cm diameter at the small end over the last year – totalling 3.324 million m3
  4. AUD140 million – Australia’s imports of Posts & Beams (inc. LVL and similar products) were valued at AUD139.9 million over the year-ended November 2018
  5. -31.3% – Australia’s dwelling approvals in November 2018 totalled 16,059 separate approvals, down more than 31% on November 2017.