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Top 5: Market Points from IndustryEdge

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  1. 618,999 bdmt – IndustryEdge’s projection of woodchip exports in July 2018, based on vessel tracking. Average margin for error is less than 5%
  2. AUD291.66/m3 – the average price of Hardwood Log exports in May 2018, reported on a free-on-board basis
  3. 86,418 m3 – up 35.9% on the prior year, Australia’s imports of Structural Plywood to the year-ended May remain very strong
  4. +14.6% – growth in dwelling approvals in Victoria, year-ended May, reaching a total 75,478 separate dwellings
  5. Up 7.4% – Imports of Roughsawn Softwood products over the year-ended May 2018, totalling 242,553 m3