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Top 5 Data Points for March

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  1. Hardwood Chip Exports at Top of Range in March ~ 655,460 bdmt – Australia’s hardwood chip exports were at their third highest monthly level, based on IndustryEdge’s vessel tracking system
  2. Softwood Log Exports Hit 397,226 m3 in January 2019 – Softwood log export volumes are gradually declining but January saw exports close to 400,000 m3
  3. MDF imports up 25.9% ~ 143,957 m3 year-ended January 2019 – Imports of MDF lifted sharply over the year-ended January 2019,
  4. Hardwood Log Exports Rose 34.6% in 2018 ~ 793,130 m3 – Hardwood log exports hit record levels in 2018, up 34.6% on 2017
  5. Furniture Imports Valued at A$125.5 million, year-ended January 2019 – whether it is kitchens, offices, bedrooms or dining rooms, Australia’s furniture needs are met by increasing imports.