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Timberlinks CLT plant talks underway in Vic & SA governments

Timberlink Tarpeena Mill

Timberlink’s plans to build a CLT plant in South Australia or Victoria are on track despite the CoVid-19 pandemic. The company announced in February its plans to enter the growing mass timber market enabled through a state-of-the-art Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Glue Laminated Timber (Glulam) manufacturing facility. Source: Timberbiz

David Oliver EGM Sales, Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Timberlink said the company was working through equipment selection and was in discussions with both the SA and Victorian Governments, which were very interested in the project.

“Clearly their priority at this time is the health of people in both States so they have been fairly distracted,” Mr Oliver said.

“We haven’t got a site location at this point.

“But we are on track in terms of our timelines. It’s a very detailed, significant project with lots to work through in terms of equipment process flow.’’

Mr Oliver said plans were to have the facility up and running by the middle of 2024.

“There are challenges regarding equipment selection because we can’t travel overseas at present which add a slightly curly dynamic,” he said.

“But we are working through that quite effectively with potential vendors.”

No date had been set for a decision on the location.

However, Mr Oliver did say that if South Australia was selected the facility would be built near the existing Timberlink mill in Tarpeena in the South East of the State.

“There will be 150 jobs in the construction phase and plans are for 27 full time roles at start-up wherever it is built,’’ he said.

The South East of SA has the appeal because that is where the timber is; close to Melbourne is appealing because that is where the market is.

“It’s quite a complex product to deliver to sites so there are pros and cons with both locations,” Mr Oliver said.

“Proximity to market is a key criteria.

“We are in discussions about a number of options, but we haven’t landed on a decision with either government at this stage.”

Engineered timber products are increasingly being used in Australia and globally, particularly in midrise buildings due to a combination of factors, including cost-effectiveness, liveability, ease and efficiency of construction.