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Timber company eyes port facility

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers recently announced the purchase of a parcel of land at Smith Bay on KI, considered suitable for the development of a bulk log export facility. Source: The Islander.

They have also entered into a memorandum of understanding with other timber plantation owners on KI, with a view to working co-operatively in the development of an export facility, so that plantation timber can be harvested and exported.

In consultation with the community, and with due regard to the high level of environmental standards needed, this is good news for residents who have waited several years for something to happen to these blue gums.

John Sergeant, a director of Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers said, “it is envisaged that a cost-effective timber export facility will be of benefit to the people and the economy of Kangaroo Island, generating much-needed employment and economic activity, while hopefully also providing a facility for the import and export of other bulky goods and commodities”.

“The plans would include a long jetty, allowing us to utilise deep water, and the site would allow for the stock-piling of logs. This timber would be suitable for chipping or peeling and the markets available to us include China, Japan, India and possibly Korea,” he added.

The major timber plantation owners expect to move as fast as possible on this project, with a decision to be made within the year.