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Tigercat 1185 Harvester to make Oz debut

Tiger Cat 1185

Tigercat’s latest harvester, the eight-wheeled 1185, is scheduled to be demonstrated in Tumut/Tumbarumba on May 16. The 1185 made its debut at Elmia in June and now it’s ready for its Oz debut. Source: Timberbiz

Anyone can register their interest to attend the demo by contacting Onetrak (national Tigercat distributor).

Representatives from the Tigercat factory in Canada will attend the demo day.

The Tigercat 1185 is classed as a heavy duty, premium quality harvester designed for high production applications, extreme terrain and demanding operating conditions.

The 1185 is powered by the Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 2f engine, rated at (230 kW) 308 hp. The drivetrain components including the pump drive, transmission and the hydraulically balanced bogie axles are engineered and built by Tigercat for extreme forest duty, long life and high uptime.

Tigercat’s unique WideRange drive system increases working travel speed while delivering extremely powerful tractive effort for high performance in steep terrain and quick in-stand travel on good ground.

The 1185 blends high performance with fuel efficiency through the use of advanced hydraulic circuits. Dedicated pumps power the drive, harvesting head, crane, fan and cooling circuit functions. In addition, a closed loop drive system provides excellent performance and response on steep slopes. A pressure and flow controlled piston pump drives the cooling fan, maintaining optimal operating temperatures at the lowest possible fan speed.

The crane features Tigercat’s efficient and operator-friendly ER technology. The hooked profile of the main boom promotes excellent right-side visibility. Not only is the crane efficient but also simple in design, without external parallel linkages. There are two stick boom options – fixed or telescopic.

With an extreme duty slew system and 360° continuous rotation, the cabin rotates with the crane. The cabin is spacious with excellent visibility and clear line-of-sight to the wheels. The curved windshield affords excellent upward visibility along with patent pending protective technology. Operators will find all the creature comforts including a comfortable and highly adjustable climate controlled seat with a four-point harness and full Bluetooth connectivity.

The demo machine will also be sporting the Tigercat 570 head and the D5 control system.

The 570 is a durable, high performance two-wheel drive, three knife arm harvesting head, specifically designed to match the high-performance capabilities of Tigercat carriers.

With independent knife arms, the 570 harvesting head excels in tough timber with large limbs and poor stem form. Independent knife and wheel arm improve stem contact. This results in superior feeding, delimbing, measuring and debarking, especially in sub-optimal stem form conditions.

The 570 also has optional hydraulic knife timing for easier picking in roadside processing applications.

The Tigercat D5 control system helps get the most from your Tigercat harvesting head. The system helps you monitor your harvesting head to ensure maximum productivity.

The D5 control system combines field-proven hardware and bucking control with a Tigercat developed user interface, offering simplicity and intuitive operator navigation.

The user friendly interface allows the operator to see all critical operating data in real time. The system is highly configurable and can be customized to each operator’s preferences.

The Tigercat D5 control system is available in three levels of bucking control and reporting:
• Tigercat D5 Prio
• Tigercat D5 Prio PC
• Tigercat D5 Optimization