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TFCA congratulate Minister Burke on $20m commitment

The Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association congratulate Minister Burke and Shadow Minister Richard Colbeck, for their commitments of $20 million towards the first stage of the overdue restructuring of the forest contracting sector of the Tasmanian hardwood forest industry.

This commitment and its immediacy will provide enormous short term relief for forest contractors, who have paid high financial and personal costs, during the current downturn in the industry.

“We look forward to meeting, next week, with whoever forms government after Saturday’s election, to ensure that the commitment provides the maximum assistance to contractors, by as speedy a method as is practical. They can expect my call on Monday.” TFCA Chief Executive, Ed Vincent said.

The association continues its strong commitment towards a more sustainable and revitalised timber industry which would have greater security and profitability than the current industry situation.