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Taking ‘innovation’ from theory to reality: the new Innovation Skills Program

ForestWorks ISC has announced the new Innovation Skills Program, aimed at supporting the forest, wood, paper and timber products industry to collaborate and develop greater skills and knowledge to innovate more effectively. Source: Timberbiz
This ForestWorks ISC initiative has been funded by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIICCSRTE) to help facilitate the conditions in which innovation can occur at an enterprise level.
“The economics of the value chain is shifting so, to thrive in future, we have to be creative, lead and manage change in order to adapt,” said ForestWorks ISC CEO Michael Hartman.
“We need to follow the lead of other developed nations and learn how to work more collaboratively with others in the local value chain who we have traditionally seen only as competitors. We know the key to innovation is collaboration and changed management skills, yet this is the area in which we have traditionally been weak in this country. Our true competition is overseas – not over the road.
“The program will bring guidance and advice to enterprises from business and innovation experts. This will help us to understand best practice in enterprise and business development which is what innovation is all about,” he said.
ForestWorks ISC encourages your enterprise, its business leaders and owners, to be part of this opportunity.
The program will assist you to better analyse what can be done differently in challenging markets; manage workplace and business change; strengthen value chain partnerships; work together; lift productivity; and, ultimately, create greater business value.
The program includes innovation forums and working groups supported by industry and business experts, which allows you to work with others in your value chain. Opportunities are also available for participants to receive formal recognition for the skills currently held and developed as part of this program.
The Innovation Skills Forums for this program commence in October this year and will run until June 2015. Preparations for the program are commencing now.

To express your interest or learn more about the program visit the website or contact:
p. 03 9321 3500
e. [email protected]