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SweTree video to explain auto production of forest plants

SweTree Technologies has been developing a technology for automated production of forest plants based on somatic embryogenesis. With this technology leap, it is possible to quickly and efficiently produce more plants of the best material from forest breeding. Source: Timberbiz

This is positive for the forest economy and for the bio economy, and also for the environment by the fact that the trees capture more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow faster and thus more fossil products can be replaced with renewable raw material.

It will also enable development of qualitative properties of the trees such as resistance to diseases and pests. Timberbiz reported on this when the company started a pilot plant in Umea, Sweden.

The company has now issued a video to explain the process of this new type of forest breeding it can be downloaded as an mp4 file or viewed online visit: swetree_youtube-2020-06-15.mp4