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Sprinkler system developed for frame sites

Trials are set to begin early next year on a self-contained modular sprinkler system to protect timber frame construction sites. Source: Timber Trades Journal Online

Southern Timber Frame is to pilot AZUGO on a 2,000m2, four residential unit development in Chichester. The system was developed with fire protection specialist Project Fire and has been the subject of presentations to industry, construction, insurance and safety organisations.
The system arrives on site as a container – similar to a shipping container. It is positioned next to the footprint and takes secure water and power supplies from services provided in the preliminary site work.
Sprinklers are put on the building as the panels are erected, and then extended through isolation and pressure reducing valves as each storey is added. A system can safeguard up to a 3-4,000m2 unit and could be rented or bought.
The system causes minimal disruption to construction work and the cost is comparable to a fire retardant solution, said Paul Nash, general manager of Southern Timber Frame.
“You have to work around it for the first fix and its not a problem for the electricians and such, but the plasterboarding is more difficult. Timber frame erectors could be trained to put it in,” said Mr Nash.
“There is an issue over who takes it out, but these are those things that have to be worked out. So far people are very excited about it. We have had meetings and everyone has been very interested, especially on the insurance side.”
Work on the test site is due to start in February and a full appraisal is expected by the summer