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Space scientist to speak at timber conference

An internationally renowned, award winning space scientist will be speaking at the AUSTimber 2012 Forestworks’ conference in Mount Gambier, 29 March 2012.

Space science and forestry may seem to be worlds apart but it is the use of space science that assists in forestry management and will play more of a role into the future. Dragos Bratasanu will speak at the conference on the topic of “Satellite Missions support Strategic Forestry Investments: How Forestry Resources Can Be Managed From Space.” Conference delegates will hear about the current and future space technologies that benefit forestry industry, including satellites planned for imminent launch that will support forest management and operations.
“Our world is going through unprecedented challenges that will expand humanity’s vision for the future business models. State-of-the-art satellite technology has become a powerful tool for gaining objective information about our Earth. I will show why and how space missions are becoming a mandatory solution for increasing business security, maximizing profit and protecting investment. Satellite images are evidence for investors that confirm quality and a key point in natural resource management of the future,” said Bratasanu.
Bratasanu is an internationally renowned award winning space scientist, speaker, and consultant. He is currently the Head of Remote Sensing & GIS Division in Asia Pacific with Poyry Management New Zealand. Dragos is a PhD candidate in satellite image understanding for Earth Observation at the University of Siegen – Centre for Sensor Systems, Germany.
In 2011 he became the engineer of the First Romanian Simulation Mission for Planet Mars and his work has been featured in National Geographic. In 2012 he will take part in NASA’s Space Studies Program with a grant from the European Space Agency and the Romanian Space Agency.
For his research and scientific achievements he received several international awards from entities like the European Space Agency ESA, European Union Satellite Centre EUSC, DigitalGlobe Inc. USA, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society in Canada, International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in Australia.
Bratasanu is a member of several international research committees and invited peer reviewer for various scientific journals and publications.
David Quill, general manager AUSTimber 2012 said: “We are excited to be able to bring a speaker of the international calibre of Dragos to Mount Gambier. His knowledge can be applied to forestry but also to other businesses that need to survive in our changing world. Science is pivotal to the forestry and timber industry, in fact to the way we all live our lives and I expect what Dragos has to say will be of interest to many in our community who rely on this industry for their economic livelihood.”
The Forestworks’ AUSTimber 2012 conference will be held at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, Mount Gambier, South Australia on Thursday 29th March 2012. The conference program can be downloaded from and bookings made via the website or contact the AUSTimber2012 office on 0459 171570 or [email protected]