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Solomon Island sustainable legal logging

There are hopes that an independent organisation can be set up to ensure timber production in Solomon Islands is sustainable and legal. Source: Radio New Zealand

The export market for sawn timber from Solomons’ community operators is continuing to grow but consumers’ are increasingly demanding that it is sourced from legally and sustainably managed forests.

The New Zealand Imported Tropical Timber Group has had a number of contacts with Solomons’ operators this year, leading to commitments to develop a system of third party legality assurance over the next two years.

The Group’s Malcolm Scott said this would allow audits of sawn timber production.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands prime minister has removed his Minister of Forests, Bodo Dettke following widespread criticism of the appointment.

In a statement this afternoon Manasseh Sogavare said the change was made to ensure personal interests did not compromise proposed reforms to the Forestry sector.

Mr Dettke has extensive involvement in the logging industry and now becomes Minister of Culture and Tourism, swapping with Bartholomew Parapolo.