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Solar panels installed, Spot Pallets sawmill almost ready

According the Victorian Association of Forest Industries (VAFI) after years in the planning, Spot Pallets Saw Mill in Corryong, Victoria is only weeks away from unveiling its 258kW solar power initiative. Sources: Timberbiz, VAFI

Owner Graham Walker has worked tirelessly on the million-dollar project which will see solar panels go in shortly, and within weeks the installation will be finalised.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the native forest industry in Victoria, Mr Walker said he is confident the solar power initiative will make a huge difference to his site.

“By November and December, the solar panels will generate 80% of power to the site. In seven years, it will pay for itself,” he said.

While Spot Pallets is not immediately affected by the current TRP crisis, he said it is only a matter of time and urges the industry members affected to speak out and push the government for answers.

“Let me be perfectly clear here, VicForests seem to be trying their best to help the situation, but the Andrews Government is blatantly choosing to ignore the issue,” he said.

“It was evident last week where the Greens activists were allowed to delay heavy machinery from being used to put containment lines around the recent bushfires! Families are without income and that can’t be ignored. It’s pretty bad when the Agriculture Minister is being pressured not to act within her own portfolio. We need action and we need answers,” he said.