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Single voice for Australia’s forest and paper industry

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) name and logo were unveiled at an industry dinner at the Great Hall of Parliament House, Canberra, in front of almost 300 guests representing all facets of the industry, MPs and Government representatives. AFPA will be formed through the merger of the Australian Plantations Products and Paper Industry Council (A3P) and the National Association of Forest Industries (NAFI).
Linda Sewell, Chairperson of A3P and Transitional Chair of AFPA, was proud to make the announcement.
“I am pleased to announce that the Directors of both A3P and NAFI have unanimously agreed to recommend to our respective members that the two organisations should unite under one banner,” Ms Sewell said.
“We have a great story to tell of a carbon positive, renewable, natural and environmentally friendly resource. A single voice is a more clear and concise way to present our industry to government, media and people of Australia in a united fashion,” she said.
NAFI Chairman, Greg McCormack, told the audience that AFPA will be formed over coming months under the watchful eye of a Transitional Board of Directors.
“I look forward to working with the Chair of the Transitional Board, Linda Sewell and the Transitional Chief Executive Officer Allan Hansard – currently the CEO of NAFI,” he said.
“Linda and Allan will be assisted by myself and Richard Stanton, the CEO of A3P,” he said.
“The establishment of the AFPA will forge a common and united future for the industry. The industry and government have for many years called for a single voice for the forest industry. We have listened and we have acted.”
More detail on the new association will be released in coming weeks.