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Sennebogen materials handler equipped for timber work

Sennebogen’s 830 E series materials handler supports timber professionals in log transport and sawing operations as it is mobile with practical trailer application stands, a robust design and is delivered with 14m equipment as standard, depending on the weight to be loaded and trailer length. Source: Timberbiz

Thanks to the heavy-duty undercarriage with all-wheel drive, it is ideally equipped to tow trailers of up to 80 tons even on rough terrain. The increased payload of the trailer massively reduces travel distances by up to 60%.

A route analysis on existing log yards is worthwhile and often uncovers potential savings that were previously unimagined without necessarily having to redesign the yard. This is because the intelligent design of the Sennebogen 830 Trailer makes turning manoeuvres possible without any problems, even on tighter routes.

In the tracked version, there are also other interesting applications for the 830 in timber operations, such as for embankment maintenance on highways or busy roads. The 830 E in tree configuration benefits from the positive characteristics of the machine concept with a reach of over 17m, a payload of around 3.5 t and a stable base thanks to a telescopic crawler undercarriage.

So even hard-to-reach logs with a large diameter can be removed without any problems.

Its high-performance hydraulic system helps to reliably and safely operate attachments that require high pressures and delivery rates. Another plus is the elevating and 30° tilting cab option for a closer view of the felling area while comfortably leaning back in the seat.