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SA survey report on improving road transport for forestry

A new report form the South Australian State Government has recognised the road transport issues and driver training needs for forestry in the state, including on Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers and Kangaroo Island Council both made submissions to the survey, the results of which are published in the Improving Road Transport for Forestry document published by PIRSA. Source: Timberbiz

The survey and report were also supported by the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, and the Australian Forestry Products Association, which represents the Stateʼs timber industry.

The Improving Road Transport for the Agriculture Industry project was initiated in 2014, following recognition by Primary Producers SA (PPSA), Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) and the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) that a partnership approach needed to be taken in planning a road transport system that met the existing and future needs of agriculture in South Australia.

The report recognises the importance of the forestry industry to South Australia, which employs 5500 people directly and a further 12,500 indirectly.

To date, the project has resulted in more than 70 projects completed, with the reforms resulting in at least $80 million in industry estimated benefits across the state’s primary industries sector.

The first two surveys drew more than one thousand responses from primary producers, road transport operators, local government, Regional Development Australia groups and other key stakeholders.

Although the forestry industry was involved in the first two surveys and face-to-face project workshops, it was identified that the survey tool needed to be refined to better illicit any specific needs for forestry transport. With this in mind, a third targeted survey opened in 2018, developed in collaboration with the forestry industry and the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA).

Specific road issues on Kangaroo Island are listed in the report.

“The extensive plantation forestry resources on Kangaroo Island are now mature. The survey has found that a number of road improvements are needed to allow future harvesting,” the report says.

The issues raised in the project surveys are being reviewed and prioritised for consideration as part of the State Governmentʼs work to improve road freight productivity. This work aims to ensure South Australiaʼs road transport networks remain safe and efficient for all road users.

“The information provided by stakeholders to the project surveys will continue to be used to inform future submissions when opportunities arise,” the report says.

Further information and the survey report is available at