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SA government looking to grow the forestry industry

Tim Whetstone SA Primary Industries Minister

The Marshall Liberal Government’s Forest Industry Advisory Council SA met recently to discuss growing the State’s $2.3 billion forestry industry. Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone said the Council is working on its advice to the State Government about how to grow the sector. Source: Timberbiz

“The Council’s advice will support the closer collaboration between government and industry,” said Minister Whetstone. “The Council is working on its recommendations and intends to cover at least the following areas:

  • Government policy and regulation settings
  • Improve infrastructure in forest regions, including information
  • technology
  • Increase collaboration between industry sectors, and between
  • industry and community
  • Expand plantations to ensure future supply.

“The Council is looking at the entire value chain and the advice willinclude ways to boost the value of domestic processing, attract greater investment and address red tape,” said Minister Whetstone.

“South Australia is well renowned for its forest industries, and our biggest region is the Green Triangle region. The Green Triangle is the premier timber producing areas in Australia directly contributing $285.1m in 2017-18 to Gross Regional Production.

“We have delivered on a key election commitment to forest industries and their communities by ensuring a direct voice through establishing this 11-member council.

“This group includes representatives from the full forest value chain from forest owners, forest managers, harvest and haulage, small and large timber manufacturers, timber biomass to farm forestry.

“Later this year I will receive the report from the council on its recommendations for the industry and I look forward to giving them consideration.

“There are already a number of great ideas and initiatives being put forward by the group.”

The Forest Industry Advisory Council members include:

  • Wendy Fennell (Chair), Managing Director, Fennell Forestry
  • Mark Rogers, Managing Director, New Forests
  • Laurie Hein, Managing Director, Green Triangle Forest Products
  • Jill Stone, Three Streams Farm and farm forestry expert
  • Ian McDonnell, Managing Director, NF McDonnell and Sons
  • Linda Sewell, Chief Executive Of]cer, OneFortyOne Plantations
  • Pty Ltd
  • Ian Tyson, Chief Executive Of]cer, Timberlink Australia Ltd
  • Tammy Auld, Wood^ow Manager, Timberlands Paci]c
  • Martin Crevatin, National Operations Manager, PF Olsen
  • Australia
  • Peter Badenoch, Managing Director, Plantation Treated Timber
  • Emma Daly, Executive Manager, Van Schaiks Bio Gro.