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Revised Forestry Log Haulage Code available for comment

Following feedback on the Forestry Log Haulage Registered Code of Practice during December 2018 – March 2019 a revised draft (DRAFT Log Haulage Code August 2019) has been prepared. The revised Draft Log Haulage Code August 2019 has taken into consideration feedback and submissions on the first draft. Source: Timberbiz

It has also been re-drafted in consultation with the project working group.

This Forestry Log Haulage Registered Code of Practice (known as the Log Haulage Code) was prepared in accordance with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) guidelines established under section 705 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). It is a Registered Industry Code of Practice (RICP) approved for Registration by the NHVR under section 706 of the HVNL.

It incorporates the skills and experience of industry participants the Log Haulage Code (LHC) is a practical guide to fulfilling the heavy vehicle safety duties and obligations required under the HVNL specifically relating to forestry log haulage.

The LHC has been developed in consultation with the NHVR and the Forestry and Log Haulage industry, led by the Australian Forest Products Association and Australian Forest Contractors Association.

A Cover Note has been prepared which provides context to the re-draft and all stakeholders should read this.  It provides information on the re-drafting process, consideration of key issues and supporting information relating to the LHC.

A copy of the Cover Note and Draft Log Haulage Code August 2019 are available on the AFCA website

Feedback is invited on the draft until Friday 6 September 2019 and can be provided in any form and can be made as a group or individual or a business.

Submissions and feedback can be submitted to [email protected]

All submissions and feedback received by 6 September will be considered and a report will be prepared for the Australian Forest Products Association meeting scheduled 18 September 2019.