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Researchers urge targeted allocation of forest industry assistance – SEMINAR BEING HELD TONIGHT, WED 27 JULY

Decision-makers have been urged to use the findings of new research to inform distribution of financial and other assistance as part of implementing Tasmania’s ‘forests peace deal’.
Research by Dr Jacki Schirmer, Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Forestry, shows that job loss in Tamania’s forest industry has accelerated in recent months. The research has analysed the vulnerability of people and communities dependent on the industry to future changes, such as those that will occur under Tasmania’s ‘forest peace deal’.
Areas examined by the research include:
• What is the rate of job loss in the industry and which workers and businesses are most vulnerable to further change?
• Which Tasmanian communities are most exposed to the impacts of forest industry job loss and flow-on effects?
• What impact on the industry has resulted from continued uncertainty?
• What support is needed for businesses, workers and communities?
This seminar will present the findings of the study, including recommendations to help those affected by the current downturn, ongoing uncertainty about the industry’s future, and potential further change.
Dr Jacki Schirmer leads the ‘Communities’ research project at the CRC for Forestry, and is a Research Fellow at the Australian National University. Her research examines the socio-economic impacts of plantation forestry and other types of land use change. For the past decade she has researched social dimensions of forestry, fishing and agriculture, including the socioeconomic impacts of changing land use from traditional agriculture to plantation forestry, community engagement strategies, and farmer adoption of revegetation and commercial tree planting.
This research was part-funded by the Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and
Forestry (DAFF), to enable the study to form part of the due diligence assessment of the
Tasmanian Forest Principles Statement.
A seminar to discuss these findings will be held this evening (Wednesday) from 5.30 to 6.30 at the Dechaineux Theatre (School of Art), Hunter Street, Hobart. For more information, contact Jacki Schirmer 0428 254 948 or [email protected]
The seminar is presented by the CRC for Forestry as part of the ‘Communities’ project.