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Reborn Timber recycling for east coast


Reborn Timber, an independant recycling business sources, recycles and supplies high quality recycled timber flooring, beams and posts to the east coast. Source: Timberbiz

Species range from New Zealand Kauri and Remu Pines, Ironwood, Spotted Gum, Red Iron Bark, Huon Pine, King Billy Pine, Baltic Pine, Jarrah, Cypress, Tallowwood, Oregon and others.

The structural quality of these recycled timbers is good with timber sourced from old houses, churches, bridges and wharfs built in the late 1800s and the early 1900s.

Reborn Timber guarantees each piece to be seasoned in the region where it will be re-used, which means it is suited to home renovators, builders, project managers and architects searching for a major structural upside.

Beyond structural benefits, the beauty of these old timbers transforms building projects from a good finish to a great finish.