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Quality building products remain an issue


An interim report by the Senate Economics Committee inquiry into non-conforming building products shows a bipartisan commitment to ensure the quality of building products used in Australian buildings remains on the national agenda after the Federal election. Source: Timberbiz

The committee stated that: “there has been a serious breakdown in the regulation and oversight of both non-conforming and non-compliant building products, which requires determined action” and requested a further extension until September to allow it to complete its work.

“This is consistent with HIA’s submission to the Inquiry,” said HIA senior executive director building development and environment Kristin Brookfield.

“The committee has recognised the concerns of industry and the efforts by industry to manage this issue that sits within a complex set of federal and state government relations.

“Industry has called on all governments to work collectively to reduce the risk of non-conforming building products entering the Australian supply chain from any source.

“Whilst the Committee has recognised the critical work under way by the Building Ministers’ Forum on parts of this issue, there remains an important role for the Committee to address the systemic basis that has led to the building product supply chain failing to deliver building and construction materials that meet appropriate standards,” said Ms Brookfield.

“There is also a fundamental need to focus on the point of entry into the supply chain, through manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to ensure builders and home buyers are not left with an expensive problem to fix through no fault of their own.”

HIA called on all parties to take action on non-conforming building products as part of their election commitments in the coming federal election.

“We look forward to the Committee reconvening after the election to continue its important work.”