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Putting things to the test is a positive move

IF YOU want to know something about a product, whether it be new or old, the best thing is to ask someone in the know. That’s what we have done and so has been born Australian Forests & Timber News’ Tried & Tested, the definitive view of a product in the field tested by those in the field.
In the August issue of Australian Forests & Timber News (out now) there’s a report on the new Husqvarna 576 which was put through its paces in our new Tried & Tested section. It was put to work on hardwoods and softwoods, some areas were firebreaks with varying timber species and some were in the far North of Queensland where eradication work had to be carried out. Our sincere thanks to McLeod Training Organisation and Husqvarna for their invaluable support in ensuring the ground-breaking first test became a reality.
We use our vast array of industry contacts to get the right people for the job of testing any piece of equipment that comes up for review. Their testing and findings will offer you assistance on whether you could/would/should get benefits from that product.
Suppliers of new equipment who are willing to have their gear put through testing by experienced operators and reported to the readers of the Australian industry’s leading publication are invited to contact John Hudswell or Laurie Martin to arrange it.