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Pike & Co. issue early notice for Brazil conference

This is an early notice of the next International Pulpwood Conference – “Global Wood Fibre Trade – Woodchips and Biomass” – which will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil during the week of March 15, 2010.

In addition, a major one day conference on forest and plantation investment – “International Timberlands Ownership” – will be held in conjunction to the 2-day “Global Wood Fibre Trade Conference”. Delegates may attend the one day, the two day, or both conferences.

The program of the 2010 conferences follows on from, and expands on, earlier meetings organized by Pike & Co, DANA and Wood Resources International, in Montevideo 2005, Melbourne 2007 and Singapore in 2008.

Following the conferences, a two day field trip will visit wattle and eucalyptus nurseries, plantations and harvesting operations, and wattle woodchip export and loading facilities in southern Brazil.

In addition, the organisers may offer an alternative field trip focusing on the burgeoning bio-energy plantation industry in Brazil.

Our conference website ( will be updated shortly with the new conference programs and registration details. You will be notified when it is available. Please reply to [email protected] if you have any further questions.