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Hazell Brothers takes over Gunns construction company

Tasmania's largest construction company is to buy the construction division of timber giant Gunns.
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Torrefaction Next Step in Bio Energy

The BC Bioenergy Network and the Wood Pellet Association of Canada are looking into the feasibility of developing a pilot plant to commercially produce "torrefied pellets" from wood waste.
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Native forests part of industry’s future

Victoria’s peak representative body for the timber industry, the Victorian Association of Forest Industries (VAFI), has stated it supports the continued sustainable harvesting of native forest in Victoria as part of a mixed supply of timber, along with plantation estate.
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New allocation confirms forestry not expanding in west

ALL FORESTS in western Victoria, including the Wombat Forest, have been removed from the Allocation to VicForests Order to end community concerns that logging would be expanded in the region, Environment and Climate Change Minister Gavin Jennings announced today. As a result the Depa
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New TRD-1 White Cypress decking hits the market

NK COLLINS this week announced the release of its new TRD-1 White Cypress decking, that has been co-developed with Arch Wood Protection, DERM (formerly DPI Queensland) and Dindas Australia. To assist in the distribution of TRD-1, ACL Wood Products Pty Ltd (Trading as The Plystore) has
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Free public lecture

TO OPEN the forthcoming "Sir Mark Oliphant Canopy Processes in a Changing Climate", Dr David Whitehead, of New Zealand's Landcare Research. will be presenting a public lecture, titled "Forests as carbon sinks:benefits and consequences" at the State Library of Victoria on the evening o
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Conference delegates will “have a ball”

LAST WEEKEND’S AFL grand final draw has thrown up some hurdles for many people and organisations, however, this weekend’s replay will be an added bonus for members of Tasmania’s TCA.
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Climate change committee a ‘new deal’ for Australia

Australia has a new opportunity to tackle the challenges of climate change while strengthening the economy, says the nation’s leading green building organisation.
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Independent audit by ITS Global shows Greenpeace faked data to build phony case against APP

GREENPEACE WAS caught using false and misleading information to attack the credibility of a company to advance its agenda, according to an independent peer reviewed audit released today by ITS Global. The international audit group studied the July 2010 document “How Sinar Mas is Pul
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