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SA Forestry goes high tech to gain visitors

South Australia’s Forestry Department is implementing technology to provide recreational forest visitors with more mobile access to information and to help navigate popular recreation areas. Source: FutureGov Asia
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HIA Housing 100 results

At the annual HIA Housing 100 breakfast yesterday which ranks Australia’s largest 100 residential builders found that WA based BGC was the biggest. Source: Timberbiz
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DAFF now just DA

The federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has had its name shortened to the Department of Agriculture. Source: The Land
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More benefits to farming trees than carbon

'Best practice' carbon farming that considers more than just the carbon in trees is needed if the full benefits of trees in the landscape are to be realised by farmers, landholders, and the community. Source: CSIRO
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Fire fighting capacity concern in SA

The Grant District Council is concerned about fire management in forestry plantations in lower south-east South Australia. Source: ABC News
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Abbott law to prosecute activists

Conservation groups seeking boycotts of products linked to alleged poor environmental practices may soon be liable for prosecution under consumer law. Source: The Australian
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Indonesia steps up export of forestry products

The Forestry Ministry is confident that the export of forestry products to the European Union (EU) will grow up to 20% with the signing of an agreement between Indonesia and the union by the end of the month. Source: The Jakarta Post
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Illegal Malaysian timber on sale in Japan

Large trading companies and DIY stores in Japan are buying huge amounts of timber from companies in Malaysia linked with systematic illegal deforestation, widespread human rights abuses and rampant corruption. Source: Sourceable
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Worldwide drought kills trees on every continent

Over the last 30 years, every forested continent has had a widespread drought that has killed trees. Source: The Conversation
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