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Timber town Glenreagh celebrates

The Glenreagh Timber Festival in northern New South Wales has an unashamed focus on all things to do with wood. Source: Timberbiz, The Coffs Harbour News
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Tasmanian transport scheme under threat

The Tasmanian Liberal Senate Team has demanded the Federal Government act immediately to remove any threat to funding of the three vital Bass Strait transport schemes that underpin Tasmania’s viability following the High Court ruling in the case of Williams v the Commonwealth. Source
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Forestry not bad guys in NZ soil erosion

Forestry leaders are tired of being labelled as the major culprits for hill country erosion in New Zealand and say other land uses and extreme weather events have played a part. Source: The Gisborne Herald New Zealand
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Forest Alliance stirs pot for Deanmill

WA Forest Alliance spokeswoman Jess Beckerling said the state government had guaranteed about $80 million of taxpayers' money to the big native forest sawmills to keep them in business. Source: The Donnybrook-Bridgetown Mail, The West Australian
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Financial storm over SA forestry sale

South Australian Liberals say the sale of southeast forestry assets will cost taxpayers millions of dollars in the long run. Source: ABC News
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Japan could supply timber to China and Korea

Japan has two huge potential areas rich in natural resources, which have remained untapped one of them is timber. In Japan forests cover 68 percent of the land. Source: The Japan Times online
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Canada hunting timber trade in Pacific

Canada has stepped into negotiations to reach a Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) aimed at reaching a free trade agreement with a group of markets including Australia. Source: Timberbiz
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NSW student of the year is in forestry

Forests NSW Grafton-based supervising forestry officer (SFO) Matt Beetson has been named North Coast TAFE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year. Source: Timberbiz
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Tasmanian government breaks from wooden discussions

The State Government is not ready to release the second stage of an independent review of Forestry Tasmania and now the Parliament will not sit again until August. The opposition said major changes are in the pipeline for Forestry Tasmania. Source: ABC News, Timberbiz
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