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High tech transforms timber company

Seneca Sawmill Company in the US is transforming the way timber companies operate. It was recently featured in IBM’s national publication, IBM Systems Magazine, for its visionary leadership and use of technology to build a thriving, sustainable business. Source: Natural Resource Repor
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Study on links between forestry and livelihood

In a comprehensive study on the links between forestry and livelihoods, researchers have challenged conventional wisdom about key areas, including the importance of environmental income, the roles of men and women in forest-product use, and the function of forests as safety nets. Sour
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Marlborough wood advocate dies in car crash

Marlborough's staunchest advocate for using wood in buildings has died in a New Zealand North Island car crash. Source: The Marlborough Express,
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Mount Gambier sees improvement in timber sales

Mount Gambier-based processor Whitehead Timber Sales has reported a rise in sales as the market continues to gather strength. Source: The Border Watch
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Gunnedah Timbers supported by council

It was not on the meeting agenda but Councillor Gae Swain made sure that at the council’s monthly meeting the crisis facing Gunnedah Timbers in New South Wales remained in the spotlight. Source: Namoi Valley Independent
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Tree traversing robot to cut down hazardous work

Research at the University of Canterbury could help cut the unacceptably high number of deaths and injuries in New Zealand's forestry industry. Sources: 3News, Radio New Zealand
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Forestry worker‘s death in Victoria a mystery

Investigators are mystified why a man who died in a workplace accident north of Heywood in Victoria when he left the cabin of an operating tree harvester. Source: The Standard
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Toxic shock for Canberra

A multinational corporation was allowed to pollute Canberra water with toxic chemicals in a case exposing more than a decade of failings by ACT authorities. Sources: The Canberra Times, 7News
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Engineered wood receives no funding

New Zealand’s National’s Primary Growth Partnership has rejected all applications for funding to develop engineered wood according to Labour’s Research and Development spokesperson Megan Woods. Source: Voxy
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