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Tasmania’s forest workforce development and implementation plan

The Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network has launched its Tasmanian Forest Industry Workforce Development and Implementation Plan. Network Convenor Therese Taylor described the plan as a blueprint “for industry, by industry’’ to move the sector forward. Source: Timberbiz The
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Fleetwood Challenge Cup’s WA winners

Curtin University’s Team 7’s “Fremantle Springs” design has won the 2021 Fleetwood Challenge Cup. Second place was awarded Deakin University’s Team 2 with “Think Tank” and third was Curtin University’s Team 4 with “Asian Persuasion”. Source: T
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Progress report on National Forest Industries Plan

A progress report on the National Forest Industries Plan shows the Australian Government is delivering on its commitments under the plan. The plan was launched in 2018 following extensive nationwide consultation. Source: Timberbiz “The Australian Government listened to industry when t
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Resolutely spreading waste to enhance agriculture

Agricultural land spreading is one important way Resolute diverts waste from its operations. Certain waste products, such as organic waste, dehydrated sludge, and wood ash are rich in nutrients that promote plant growth, like phosphorous and nitrogen. Instead of being sent to landfill
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Komatsu upgrades its Comfort Ride

A forwarder operator spends many hours a day in the cab, making a pleasant and comfortable work environment is extremely important. Forest terrain is often rough, and the operator is subjected to jolts and vibrations. Source: Timberbiz These can be tiring and make maintaining a steady
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SpruceSEA pilot project for climate change adapted seedlings

A new pilot project “SpruceSEA” aims to transfer forest seedlings adapted to climate change more quickly to forest companies than traditional breeding approaches. SpruceSEA stands for Spruce Somatic Embryogenesis Application Austria. The Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) has
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Conservation group pushes Bega timber hub decision to court, again

A conservation group has again taken the decision to approve the construction of a south coast hi-tech timber optimisation hub to court in the hopes the move will be overturned. Source: The Chronicle. Bega Valley Shire Council has approved a development application for the hub from Al
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OneFortyOne looking to hire apprentices

OneFortyOne is looking to take on new apprentices to start at its Mount Gambier Jubilee Sawmill in 2022. Maintenance Manager Andrew Hoath said every two years OneFortyOne looks to add enthusiastic apprentices to the trade team. Source: Timberbiz “This year we’re looking for an electri
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Redmond Sawmill’s $5m investment all for nothing

A timber company in the WA’s south is concerned their recent $5 million sawmill upgrade will place the business in major financial difficulty, following the State Government’s hardwood logging ban. Source: ABC News Redmond Sawmill, north of Albany, has been processing hardwood t
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